Healing of the Blind Bartimaeus

Inspired by Ulrich Henn, 2013

Jesus walking on the water


If I can but touch the tassel of his cloak...


St. Ignatius Loyola

Commissioned by Bellarmine Prep, 2013

Santa Lucia

Created for a friend

Christ, the Good Shepherd

Commissioned by the Archdiocese of Seattle

St. Bernadette

Commissioned by the Shrine of St. Bernadette, New Mexico

Our Lady of Fatima

Commissioned by Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Seattle

Paschal Lamb

Dove descending

Las Posadas

Commissioned by the Archdiocese of Seattle, 2003

Christ in the Desert

Commissioned by LTP, 2006

African Mother & Child

Commissioned by LTP, 2006